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About me

Hi I’m Fi :)

Welcome to the world of mindfulness and personal growth! 


I am a passionate Mindfulness Life Coach and Trainee Counsellor dedicated to helping individuals like you navigate the challenges of life and business with authenticity and empathy.


I understand the immense responsibility of continually supporting and showing up for our clients. As such, I prioritise staying congruent ensuring that my clients feel seen, heard and accepted through unconditional positive regard.


I believe that you are not just a business owner; you are the heart and soul of your brand. Your personality, values, and purpose are the driving forces behind your business's existence, and that's where I come in. 

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My mission is to assist you in up-leveling your career, enhancing your status, increasing your visibility, and boosting your confidence. Whether it's securing that promotion you've been eyeing, landing that crucial business deal, or showing up online authentically I am here to guide you on your journey to success.


With a blend of mindfulness practices, counselling techniques, and strategic coaching, I aim to empower you to embrace your true potential and achieve your professional and personal goals. 


Together, we will create a path that aligns with your unique qualities, helping you stand out in the competitive market and make a lasting impact on your clients and community.


Let's embark on this transformative journey together, unlocking the full potential of your business and allowing your authentic self to shine. Remember, you have the power to make a difference, and I am here to support you every step of the way. 

What do you want that to look like for you?


My Story

I was unknowingly stopping myself from progressing, moving forward and growing. Because of fear, fear of failure, fear of success, just fear. But that all changed at the beginning of 2021 when I stopped saying ‘no’ to anything that didn’t match my end goal. Even though I wasn’t exactly sure what my end goal was! Crazy, I know!


Despite my efforts in self sabotage, I am a-ffirm believer that anything is possible, a big part of this powerful statement is down to mindset. So I changed my thinking….I started saying yes to things, even if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, to see what I could gain and learn from the experience and to be open to where it led. 


Amazing things started to happen! I had opportunities come out of the woodwork and it just started snowballing. Since then I have successfully created websites for Counsellors and Therapists as well as Mental Health charities. I have also been coaching corporate clients, senior leaders in start-up technology firms to help them with motivation, productivity, confidence, accountability and self awareness. 

I have also completed my Mindfulness Life Coaching qualification as well as training to be Counsellor so this journey is extra special for me. 

Why me?

In every single session with me, you can expect the following consistent elements:


High-Vibe Energy: I bring a positive and uplifting energy to each session, creating a supportive and motivating environment for your personal and professional growth. This energy helps you feel inspired and empowered to take on challenges and make positive changes.


Honest and Authentic Approach: I value openness and authenticity in our interactions. You can trust that I will be genuine and transparent in our discussions, fostering a safe space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and goals without judgment.


Humour: Laughter is a powerful tool for healing and growth. I use humour appropriately to add lightness to our sessions, creating moments of joy and relaxation while we tackle important topics and challenges.

Accountability: Accountability is a key aspect of progress and success. I will hold you accountable for the goals you set and the actions you commit to taking. Through gentle guidance and encouragement, I will ensure you stay on track without feeling pressured or overwhelmed.


Enduring Partnership: My approach is designed to build a strong and enduring partnership with you. Our sessions will foster a sense of trust, mutual respect, and collaboration, so you feel supported and motivated to continue our work together.


Combined, these elements transform and enrich the coaching empowering you to reach new heights. 


We will celebrate your successes, navigate challenges, and uncover the best version of you to achieve your aspirations. 

What I do

We will kick off the start of our business bestie relationship by having a 30 minute consultation to really dive deep on where you are right now and what you desire from your life and business, what ideas you may have and what you want to achieve from our time working together. 

I am super excited to start working with you!

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